The River Group acquired their current headquarters in East London in September 1999 as a direct action based on a vision from God given to Ps André Roebert. On 5 May 1999, acting on an urging of the Holy Spirit, Ps André stopped next to one of the old Farmers Cooperative Union wool warehouses on the banks of the Buffalo River, next to East London harbour, and walked inside. While on the main auction floor God showed him a vision of what this old building would be turned into in the future, housing many ministries under one roof. Spurred on by the Spirit of God he immediately contacted the owners and started negotiating the purchase of the 55 000 square metre building. At the time the owners had received, and turned down and offer to purchase the building for R16 million from another interested party. The instructions from God was clear and Ps André offered R4,5 million, which through the intervention of God was accepted by the FCU. 

Since September 1999 the old warehouse has undergone consistent renovation to house the different departments and divisions of the ministry. Today it has three television studios, a broadcast playout centre for three satellite channels, administration offices, humanitarian aid warehouses, storage facilities, a Bible school, classrooms, canteens and workshops. 

The main broadcast studio (housed on the original auction floor) has been earmarked for a major renovation, borne out of necessity. The original saw-tooth warehouse roof, constructed of asbestos and steel, has through the years taken a real beating from the weather and is on the verge of total collapse. Since the main studio is used to broadcast the main services and major events hosting international speakers and artists, the renovation cannot be delayed any longer. The current situation is so bad that when there is rain or wind during a broadcast recording, cameras and crew have to seek shelter under plastic wraps to protect the equipment! 

In April 2015 we embarked on the renovation, now simply referred to as the “Faith Dome”. This is an exciting R30 million (Phase 1) faith project to step into the next expansion God has in store for His Kingdom. The Gospel will be spread, as it has for the past decade, via many television channels, from the Studio in East London to the farthest corners of the globe.

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November 2019 Update

Windows removed and bricked up for fire escape landings in order for it to be bolted and secured in place. The old bricks are no longer available in the industry and we have to plaster the new bricked up walls. 108 bolts and nuts hold our segmented 17 long by 10 by 1,2 high meter stage together. The stage can split into different configurations or completely removed and stored. The...

New Main Stage – Faith Dome

At the Faith on Fire Conference Ps André conducted some interviews from the new main stage in Faith Dome. It is so exciting to see the hand of God at work as the completion of the next phase of the Faith Dome is imminent! Watch Faith on Fire LIVE on Facebook or any of the streams offered on the Media Page.

October 14, 2019

FAITH DOME PROJECT UPDATE October 14, 2019 The raker seats on either side of band stage has been extended, to be completed by the end of October 2019. The original plans did not have seating next to the area demarcated for the band stage. Dr André, in his vision he received from God, corrected this oversight to match his dream. He saw people sitting next to the stage and he...

24 November 2015

There are some very interesting engineering developments happening on the top floor of River Park. When you compare the photos from our last update to the most current ones, you will notice that some of the newly erected structures have been taken down again! This is not because of some mistake on the part of the engineers, but rather a better way forward on erecting the roof. The cross beams...

Project Timeline

April 2015 / May 2015
Phase 1
Move all equipment from Studio A to Studio B; this includes the building of a new stage in Studio B. Studio B will function as the main broadcast studio while the renovations are happening in Studio A. Approximate renovation and move costing R1 000 000.00.
April 2015 / May 2015
May 2015
Phase 2
Lifting of old asbestos and steel roof, disposal of asbestos; lifting of the Oregon Pine floors to be sold.
May 2015
June 2015
Phase 3
Casting of concrete floors and reinforcing
Erection of steel girders for dome room
Erection of steel tie-backs into floor that also functions as bases for audience seating
Roof covering
June 2015
June 2019
Phase 4
Building of internal walls and stage
Installation of sound and lights
Raker seating installation
Lay Carpets and other floor coverings
June 2019
April 2020
Official Opening of the Faith Dome
April 2020
June 2020 onwards
Phase 6
Completion of raker seating and carpeting
Completion of Green Room on south-west corner
Completion of 100-seater Chapel on south-east corner
Completion of River Ministries Museum
Completion of breakaway rooms, restrooms, and storage areas
June 2020 onwards