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The River Group acquired their current headquarters in East London in September 1999 as a direct action based on a vision from God given to Ps André Roebert. On 5 May 1999, acting on an urging of the Holy Spirit, Ps André stopped next to one of the old Farmers Cooperative Union wool warehouses on the banks of the Buffalo River, next to East London harbour, and walked inside. While on the main auction floor God showed him a vision of what this old building would be turned into in the future, housing many ministries under one roof. Spurred on by the Spirit of God he immediately contacted the owners and started negotiating the purchase of the 55 000 square metre building. At the time the owners had received, and turned down and offer to purchase the building for R16 million from another interested party. The instructions from God was clear and Ps André offered R4,5 million, which through the intervention of God was accepted by the FCU. 

Since September 1999 the old warehouse has undergone consistent renovation to house the different departments and divisions of the ministry. Today it has three television studios, a broadcast playout centre for three satellite channels, administration offices, humanitarian aid warehouses, storage facilities, a Bible school, classrooms, canteens and workshops. 

The main broadcast studio (housed on the original auction floor) has been earmarked for a major renovation, borne out of necessity. The original saw-tooth warehouse roof, constructed of asbestos and steel, has through the years taken a real beating from the weather and is on the verge of total collapse. Since the main studio is used to broadcast the main services and major events hosting international speakers and artists, the renovation cannot be delayed any longer. The current situation is so bad that when there is rain or wind during a broadcast recording, cameras and crew have to seek shelter under plastic wraps to protect the equipment! 

In April 2015 we embarked on the renovation, now simply referred to as the “Faith Dome”. This is an exciting R30 million (Phase 1) faith project to step into the next expansion God has in store for His Kingdom. The Gospel will be spread, as it has for the past decade, via many television channels, from the Studio in East London to the farthest corners of the globe.

Latest Updates

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November 2020 Update

We’ve quite literally lit up the Dome in November! The arrival of the lighting was a sight to behold. Lots of colours and moving lights with difference shapes filling the dome with a spectacular display.

October 2020 Update

First water pump to be installed. This pump will automatically start pumping water in the event of a fire in the dome and provide water to the sprinkler system. The pump weigh a few ton and had to be rolled on steel pipes into the pump house with several strong men onto it’s resting place. Fire Sprinkler Systems, our contractor, conducted a water pressure test after the completion of the...

September 2020 Update

Building of Pump house that house the two pumps for the sprinkler and hose reels systems. The pumps will pumps water to these systems in an event of a fire. The walls of the pump house were built between the building and where the water tanks will be placed. The building will protect the pumps from the elements. The pump house floor was reinforced with concrete to take the weight...

August 2020 Update

    Rake Seating – The carpeting on our rake seating started in March and the final pieces were completed in July. We opted for a durable grey carpet  that will be strong enough to handle the foot traffic for years to come.     Steps for rake seating – We build 340 steps for the rake seating and covered these steps with a dark red carpet in order for the...

Project Timeline

April 2015 / May 2015
Phase 1
Move all equipment from Studio A to Studio B; this includes the building of a new stage in Studio B. Studio B will function as the main broadcast studio while the renovations are happening in Studio A. Approximate renovation and move costing R1 000 000.00.
April 2015 / May 2015
May 2015
Phase 2
Lifting of old asbestos and steel roof, disposal of asbestos; lifting of the Oregon Pine floors to be sold.
May 2015
June 2015
Phase 3
Casting of concrete floors and reinforcing
Erection of steel girders for dome room
Erection of steel tie-backs into floor that also functions as bases for audience seating
Roof covering
June 2015
June 2019
Phase 4
Building of internal walls and stage
Raker seating installation
Building of band stage
Building centre stage
Install new steel fire escapes
Add roof canopy to entrance
June 2019
January 2020 onwards
Phase 5
Completion of raker seating and carpeting
Completion od centre stage and carpeting
Carpeting of band stage
Building of sound desk
Installation of Fire Sprinkler System
Installation of Smoke detection System
Installation of Effect Lighting & Sound System
Installation of house lights
Installation of electrical points
Laying floor carpets
January 2020 onwards
February 2022
Official Opening of the Faith Dome
The official opening was originally scheduled for April 2020, but had to be postponed due to the outbreak of the global pandemic. Subsequent to that various other dates have been earmarked and changed as restrictions across the globe hampered the efforts.
February 2022