October 14, 2019
  • The raker seats on either side of band stage has been extended, to be completed by the end of October 2019. The original plans did not have seating next to the area demarcated for the band stage. Dr André, in his vision he received from God, corrected this oversight to match his dream. He saw people sitting next to the stage and he believed that it was important to install additional seating to match the dream God gave him. The seating is nearly completed with only the steps and another layer of boards to be added.
  • Band Stand – Deadline end of October 2019. The band stage is 20 meters long and can accommodate a large band with singers. It can also cater for a different configuration for events that require only one stage as a focal point. The stage will have stairs from the back for easy access for band members. Our plan is to place big LED screens on the rear platform of the stage and between the stage and overhead seating. Carpeting of the stage will be done during the following phase of the project.
  • Sound desk Platform – end November 2019 deadline. The sound desk for front of house will be placed directly opposite the band stage on the other end of the venue. The audio visual team will have a prefect line of sight for both stages.
  • Suspended Mezzanine – end November 2019 deadline. The suspended mezzanine is a 6m2 steel structure that will be suspended in the middle of the venue and will be wrapped with LED screens and make it easier for the audience seated on the raker seating to view the speaker on the centre stage or the band stage. It allows for the projection of any event. The mezzanine is currently being galvanized and is expected at The Dome by the end of October.
  • Centre Stage – Deadline end of November 2019. The centre stage is a 17 x 10 x 1,2 meter high platform which will be used by speakers to minister to + 8000 seating capacity venue. The stage is shape in the form of the dome with stairs all around it. The stage consist of sectional pieces on coasters that will allow it to be moved and disassembled easily and stored if an event requires a different venue configuration. Carpeting of the stage will be done during the following phase of the project.
  • Emergency Escapes – Deadline end of October 2019. Due to the size of the dome and it’s seating capacity, the fire department required us to build three additional fire escapes for the venue. The stairs are four stories high consisting of 2,4 meter wide landing and stairs. In the picture on the right, you can still see the old staircase that is overshadowed by the new larger staircase. The stairs are 90% completed with only minor touch up work to be done.
  • Entrance Canopy is completed. A 3000m2 canopy over the three public entrance doors has been erected and serves to shelter guests, partners and delegates from the weather. The roof was made from the same material as the dome roof for a better visual aesthetic.
  • Replace wooden floor at the entrance ramp with concrete floor  – End of October. While the wooden floors were replaced by reinforced concrete during Phase 1 of the project, there remains a large portion of wooden flooring to be replaced in the next building phases. During October the contractors removed the old wooden floor and replaced it with reinforced concrete.