November 2019 Update
Windows removed and bricked up for fire escape landings in order for it to be bolted and secured in place. The old bricks are no longer available in the industry and we have to plaster the new bricked up walls.
108 bolts and nuts hold our segmented 17 long by 10 by 1,2 high meter stage together. The stage can split into different configurations or completely removed and stored.
The steel segments for centre stage underneath the wooden boards can be pushed on wheel casters and stored under the rake seating.
Centre stage was completed this week with shutter ply wooden boards and it looks awesome. The stage will allow speaker to view and to be viewed from all sides of the venue. This sketch shows how stage can be reconfigured

This is a corner view of our band stage and the stairs are still being manufactured. All steel work were galvanised to ensure that it will not rust. East London is next to coast and the sea air causes major corrosion on our equipment and anything made out of metal.
The old door (LEFT) was affectionately named by the staff as the “Benny Hinn Door” and the bridge connecting it was known as the “Benny Hinn Bridge”. This door and the bridge have been replaced with a bigger door (RIGHT) and wider bridge to allow easier access for our guests. The bridge connects to an emergency exit. The picture on the right displays the old door that has now been bricked up.
Contractors completed the concrete floor at the top of our ramp area last week. This floor will form part of the entrance to the Faith Dome and support large vehicle to need to bring equipment into the facility to the 4th floor.
The steel legs of the emergency escape staircases were secured in concrete last week to provide it the necessary support.
Our contractor sealed the canopy last week to prevent leaks. The final step will be to install the down pipes for the water filtering