16 April 2015 (Day#4)


After meeting with the architects and builders on 15 April 2015, an estimated completion date for the dome roof has been earmarked as 15 December 2015. This exciting development now means that together we can have a countdown and timeline in which we can see the hand of God move towards seeing this phase of the project complete!

During the live Faith Connect broadcast on 15 April the contract was also signed between Faith Broadcasting Network and Avalon Steel Projects, the main contractors for the construction of the dome.

Thank you for your continued support in prayer and finances – we value your partnership greatly! To give you some practical insight into the timeline of the project, and also to help you pray specifically for each stage in this phase of the development, here is an anticipated timeline (we will keep updating you with the latest news as the plans unfold!

13 – 30 April Prepare STUDIO B to function as the interim main broadcast studio for all events, live broadcasts and services.
  • build new stage
  • erect lighting trusses
  • install audio and video equipment
  • lay carpets
  • build sets and backdrops
  • install lights and focus
20 April – 1 May Vacate STUDIO A and move all existing equipment into STUDIO B
3 May First Live worship broadcast from STUDIO B
  • lifting of Oregon floorboards
  • casting of concrete floor
  • erection of support beams
  • erection of roof trusses
  • building of tiered seating structure
  • covering of seating areas
  • closing in dome roof
16 December onwards
  • Installation of sound, light and video equipment
  • Preparation of stage and sets
  • Preparation of carpets and seats